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Nexus 5 red vs nexus five white

Nexus 5 Red vs White Photos Comparison


Nexus 5 red vs white

Today I did a small video with some pictures that I took from the Nexus 5 Red and White. I just want to share with you so you can have a look the differences as I was undecided which one to keep. At the end, I chose the red one and my girlfriend kept the white one. As you will be able to see the Nexus 5 Red is quite different to the white one.

The Android nexus phone line is the best out there. The price is really good for the specifications of the phones. In addition, is perfect for Android app development.

Which one do you prefer?

Add Android ADB path Mac OS X Mavericks

When we start developing Android Apps on is useful to add the Android SDK path variables to OSX so we can execute the platforms tools such as the “adb” in the Terminal and control your Android development set up.

The steps are:

– Download the SDK from the android official page
– Unzip the file and save in the Home folder for example
– Launch the Terminal App
– Navigate to the Home folder “cd ~/”
– Write the command “echo $PATH” to see your current environment variables. It will return something similar to the line 2 below

– Create the .bash_profile file with the command “touch .bash_profile” Continue reading